"Compromised" Music Video

Thanks to @earmilk for the premiere. Check it out here: earmi.lk/oDhofw

As much as I took this video into my own hands, I couldn't have done it without all the help I received. @raquelalexis was my right hand woman throughout this whole process. Pressed record & always told me if something was shit with no restraint. @jessebarrera cowrote/produced this tune with me & continues to inspire and shape my sound. @andrewagutos blessed this video with paint splatters, animation & pretty much brought the whole video to life. @jefferyaustin@leahkrft & @themarketingmixtape helped with coverage for the release. And I'm just incredibly happy/humbled to build a team comprised of great people that believe in what I'm doing. (P.s. We're just getting started 😈)

New single "Wander" available now on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify!

Click image to purchase on iTunes

Click image to purchase on iTunes

Hope you guys like this one. Find this single on Spotify, iTunes, etc.

Written by: Tim Atlas & Jesse Barrera

I wandered around for things I thought existed
So I entered your house with intent to reverse my doubts

I got inside, got inside my head
Ain’t no logic in the things I said
I shut the door before you left
And now we’re sleeping in a twin-sized bed

I could never bend you back or forwards
I could never taste the air that you breathe
and I could never tell what’s wrong or right in my mind

I’d love to take you home
But there’s something in the sun that I am running from
Oh, I’ll take my chances with the moon at night

Invested my time in thoughts that just elude me
My friends think I’ll die trying to convince my mind

I was afraid, I was terrified
Found myself without an alibi
And I wouldn’t dare, wouldn’t dare to tie
A knot with thoughts that tangle up my pride

Take back my false assumptions
of what I am, what I do, There's nothing to lose
And what is the point of function
if I don’t operate in time to keep you


Back at it again at the JB Cave

3 yrs ago, I came to Jesse & asked him to produce my first record, "Lost in The Waiting". Since then, so much has happened. I quit my job to pursue music. I was on a reality television show (lol). And most recently, I've relocated to LA. And you probably haven't heard much from me musically because I've either been hiding in the studio working on other artists records, or tbh, I just didn't have anything valuable to say. Lately, life has been very generous in giving me things to write about and share, which is why I'm writing this. So announcement!

Next week, I'm going back to San Diego to work with Jesse on another set of songs. Nervous. Very excited. And feeling blessed to be able to share my experiences with you. Thank you for your patience & loyalty. It'll be worth the wait. Soon!

Studio Hermit Life

So I just got back from Chicago. It was damn cold but once again proves to be one of my favorite cities. Food, company, vibes. All prime. But now, I'm back home and back to work with Lyndsey Elm for her upcoming record. We really believe in this collection of songs & can't wait to share em with the world. Wrapping up "All My Love" today and tomorrow! Here are some pics.

Tracking acoustic in the hallway

Polaroid bc polaroid. Acoustics in the hallway.

Polaroid bc polaroid. Acoustics in the hallway.

ON ANOTHER NOTE - I produced a single for a very talented artist by the name of DOJI. We recorded a lot of our sounds from the vintage Casio SK-1 and loved the way it turned out. Shouts to Jesse Barrera for the killer mix. Indie pop fans, this one's for you.



2016 off to a guhreat start.

First of all, thank you for being curious enough to navigate yourself to my new website. You took the time out of your day to hear what I've been up to. You coulda been anywhere else in the world (wide web). But you're here with me. And I appreciate that. I didn't sleep much last week, but I did all the things. So I'm just going to walk you through it.

Alameda, Calif.

On Wednesday, I connected with local photographer, Alanna Ho, to try and create some new photos using solely film cameras and the obligatory BTS iPhone shots. We ended up renting a boathouse near Oakland on AirBnB, and things went swimmingly (pun intended). Also, big thanks to Paulina Yos for the style inspo. I can't dress myself, and she made it much easier on me. Here are some quick phone shots. 

And for the photo nerds, we used the Mamiya C330, a 35 mm, and a Diana F+.

San Francisco, Calif.

"I really need to step up that merch game," is what I thought Thursday morning. So before making my way out to Redding, I went & bought some materials to build a DIY sign so people are actually aware that I'm selling CDs and posters. Shouts to my sister for helping me/telling me what's ugly & what's not. Stained the wood, added some lights, and spray painted the text over a stencil. Pretty proud of this one :0)

Redding, Calif.

On Friday, I was lucky enough to catch a ride with the Elm family to Redding to support/open for Summer Schapelle at the Cascade Theatre in Redding. Beautiful venue, beautiful people, and I was really impressed with how much of a rockstar Summer really is. She was born to perform, no doubt in my mind. I opened the show, played my set & invited Lyndsey Elm (also Team Gwen, season 9) to sing one of my originals with me. And because I can't play the recorded piano part for the life of me, we decided to do an acoustic rendition of Seasons! Check it out. She just rules.


Fairfield, Calif.

On Saturday, my band and I made our way to Fairfield to support Lyndsey at her big post-Voice hometown show. My band practiced once last week and once the morning of the show. This is how you know everyone is getting older. You can't just get together after school and jam all day! But thankfully, despite all their day jobs, they were able to make the time to come and support me at this incredible show. The crowd was so attentive, thoroughly paying attention to the music we made. When I see an audience genuinely appreciate the work we do as artists, it's always a nice little reminder of why we are so passionate about our crafts. Here are some photos and videos of our night! Huge thanks to Lyndsey & The Elms for having us. It was one for the books!

Photo by Rochelle Wilhelms

Lyndsey brought me on stage to sing a rendition of "Yellow" by Coldplay. So fun! (photo by Rochelle Wilhelms)

Lyndsey brought me on stage to sing a rendition of "Yellow" by Coldplay. So fun! (photo by Rochelle Wilhelms)

Til next time, guys. Thank you for reading/watching. Promise to keep everyone a little more involved in my daily hu$tle. Please subscribe to my mailing list (on the right) for more updates and exclusive content. Time to watch the warriors game. GO DUBS. K bye.